534 Serial Healthcare Killers – Erin Laferriere

Learn more about serial healthcare killers.

Medically-assisted opioid-related overdoses have become major news items. Erin Laferriere got involved in such a case, the Mount Carmen/Dr. Husel litigation in 2020. Dr. Husel was charged with 14 counts of murder. The nurses involved were charged civilly with negligence and were reported to their respective nursing boards. Erin was involved with the civil cases.…

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531 Tips from an Experienced LNC: Pam DiGennaro

Even the experienced LNC may wonder how to best inform an attorney that his or her case lacks merit, especially when it’s clear that this attorney has become invested in the case. Pam Di Gennaro, a highly experienced LNC, provides a practical guide on how to let attorneys down easily by speaking to them in…

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