573 The New LNC’s Playbook- Donisha Thurman

Every LNC, whether they’ve just entered the field or have been practicing for many years needs The New LNC’s Playbook and can learn from their colleagues’ experiences. Donisha Thurman, a legal nurse consultant based in Las Vegas, has extensive experience in various areas of nursing, including telemetry, post-anesthesia care, and ICU. She shares her professional…

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571 Wound Care Management tips – Thureiyya Rodriquez

Wound Care

Thureiyya Rodriguez, who has her doctorate in healthcare administration, is also a certified ostomy and continence nurse. In addition, as a legal nurse consultant, she is well-versed in liability issues in the area of wound care. Although unhealed wounds leading to osteomyelitis occur frequently in those who are confined to beds and/or wheelchairs, this development…

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570 Group Home Liability Risks – Laurie Morgan

Psychiatric and also mentally disabled people used to be dumped into an institutional setting where their needs and rights were virtually ignored. Today, group homes funded by Medicaid and Medicare, with government oversight, respect residents’ rights and take on the often-challenging work of keeping everyone safe in a group home. Laurie Morgan, the CEO of…

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