573 The New LNC’s Playbook- Donisha Thurman

Every LNC, whether they’ve just entered the field or have been practicing for many years needs The New LNC’s Playbook and can learn from their colleagues’ experiences. Donisha Thurman, a legal nurse consultant based in Las Vegas, has extensive experience in various areas of nursing, including telemetry, post-anesthesia care, and ICU. She shares her professional journey, lessons learned, and tips on how to succeed in this domain.

She’ll walk us through her first steps in securing clients, which involves a lot of patience and consistent follow-ups. Networking and exhibiting at conferences are pivotal, and Donisha will help us understand the power of a targeted approach and research geographical proximity.

Donisha describes her experiences involving med surg, skilled nursing, and her current role as a travel nurse. She also touches upon her values of advocacy for patients and families while navigating complex healthcare systems, the importance of personal mental well-being, and maintaining a work-life balance when managing business and clinical roles.

Don’t miss this dose of inspiration and practical advice from the perspective of a legal nurse consultant.

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  • How did Donisha Thurman land her first clients as a legal nurse consultant and what was the process like?
  • From her experiences, what strategies and methods does Donisha Thurman suggest to legal nurse consultants for landing clients?
  • What does Donisha Thurman love about her career as a legal nurse consultant and how does it differ from her work as a travel nurse?
  • How has Donisha Thurman’s extensive nursing and EPIC trainer experience influenced her role and effectiveness as a legal nurse consultant?
  • What are the challenges that legal nurse consultants can face when starting and how does Donisha Thurman suggest overcoming them?

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Your Presenter of The New LNC’s Playbook- Donisha Thurman

​I am a Master prepared registered nurse and certified legal nurse consultant with ten years of healthcare-related experience throughout med-Surg, Telemetry, skilled nursing, Intensive care, and Post Anesthesia care.

Additionally, my experience as an Epic medical records trainer and my experience with multiple EHR systems are beneficial for navigating, analyzing, and translating medical records and organizing them. My professional knowledge and skillset allow me to efficiently recognize patient trends and inconsistencies in care or safety.

Connect with Donisha at thurmannurseconsulting.com

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