571 Wound Care Management tips – Thureiyya Rodriquez

Wound Care

Thureiyya Rodriguez, who has her doctorate in healthcare administration, is also a certified ostomy and continence nurse. In addition, as a legal nurse consultant, she is well-versed in liability issues in the area of wound care.

Although unhealed wounds leading to osteomyelitis occur frequently in those who are confined to beds and/or wheelchairs, this development can occur to anyone. Because of that, any LNC can benefit from the information in this podcast.

It’s essential to know how long a wound has existed and also important to know if you’re dealing with a wound that healed and then reopened. Thureiyya provides descriptions of how to identify this kind of wound.

She also outlines in detail the guidelines for a treatment plan. Thureiyya emphasizes that a wound nurse is a consultant, not a lay worker. She or he is not responsible for the daily wound care; however, she is required to carefully document the treatment plan. If a surgeon takes over the care, she is also obligated to document this.

It’s important for both a wound care nurse and an LNC analyzing a case to be aware of the various treatment medications available and how they interact. Thureiyya strongly urges both parties to do their research, go to the manufacturer’s website, and read the enclosed documentation. If they have doubts, they should always speak up. We are sure that you will find this podcast an invaluable source of information.

Wound Care Management tips – Thureiyya Rodriquez

  • What causes osteomyelitis?
  • Why is the history of the wound so important to know?
  • How does one prioritize treatment in wound cases?
  • How does the question of liability enter into wound treatment?
  • Why does a legal nurse consultant need to know the indications and contraindications for leading wound care products?

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Your Presenter of Wound Care Management tips – Thureiyya Rodriquez

Thureiyya Rodriguez DHA, MSN, COCN, WCN is the owner and founder of Agni NY and Thureiyya Rodriguez Consulting Services located in New York City. Dr. Rodriguez has 20 years of nursing experience with a specialty in wound/ostomy/continence care.

She provides consulting services in areas related to nursing practice, direct patient education, quality improvement, and documentation review. Her expertise in wound, ostomy, and continence ranges from inpatient and outpatient care.

Connect with Thureiyya on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/thureiyya-rodriguez-dha-msn-rn-woc-nurse-225b83101

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