406 Meal Prep Made Easy for the Busy LNC Kacee Leigh

What would your life be like if you could carve out a few extra hours every week,  cut down on restaurant and takeout bills, and eat nutritionally rich food? Pat Iyer speaks with Kacee Leigh, nutritional expert, who lays out a time- and money-saving way to prepare several meals at once in an hour or less. This podcast could change how you live.

Here’s what you’ll learn about Meal Prep

  • Why bulk meal preparation is neither time-consuming nor expensive
  • Specific suggestions for preparing varied meals
  • How to accommodate special dietary needs
  • How to use a meal prep plan so that you don’t over-buy groceries
  • The freedom of cooking without recipes

Get all these tips and more.

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Your Presenter

Kacee is the owner of Kacee Fitness helping moms master meal prepping and fitness. She has 7 years of study and working with clients to move your goals forward

Connect with Kacee www.kaceefitness.com

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