405 Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner’s Role Melinda Norwood

Melinda Norwood, a highly experienced sexual assault nurse examiner, shares in detail her experiences working in remote Alaskan native villages. Though her examinations of sexually assaulted women, children, and men took place in a unique cultural setting, her observations highlight the necessity for meticulous, detailed examination, protection of forensic evidence, and, above all, compassion for the victims. Any nurse who will ever encounter a rape or sexual assault victim will benefit enormously from this podcast

Any nurse who will ever encounter a rape or sexual assault victim will benefit enormously from this podcast. Here’s what you’ll learn..

  • How thoroughly sexual assault nurse examiners are trained
  • The need to gain the victim’s trust
  • The importance of each stage of an examination
  • The special challenges of dealing with male victims
  • The particular methods used to interview children who have been sexually assaulted

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