401 Tips for a Successful LNC Business

This is Pat Iyer. Before I start this podcast, I’ve got to tell you about the first ever LNC conference I planned for July 2020.

Nowhere else can you get 4 days of an outstanding virtual legal nurse consulting conference in July 2020. I’m so excited to share this news with you. Along with my colleague, Barbara Levin, I’ve created a conference for you.

Here’s a sneak peek. Imagine how your business will change when you 

  • Use today’s marketing techniques to attract and retain attorney clients
  • Identify the biggest traps to your financial health and use proven strategies to grow your money
  • Confidently handle attempts by your clients to negotiate your fees and payment terms
  • Create a simple strategy for making compelling videos to market your business
  • Effectively use the largest business network to attract clients
  • Learn new questioning techniques to take the fear out of selling to attorneys
  • Help your attorney client understand the hidden data that exists in medical records
  • Discover the lessons learned from a prominent comedian’s death in a same day surgery unit: Joan Rivers
  • Get insider tips on testifying techniques from a successful physician expert witness
  • Discover what a trial attorney looks for in a case and LNC – from a legal nurse consultant/nurse practitioner /attorney
  • Verify you have all the right legal language in place in your fee agreements
  • Know how to analyze a spinal surgery complication case
  • Apply techniques to create outstanding personal injury reports
  • Network with LNCs dedicated to growing their businesses

Here is the link to get your spot: LNC.tips/July2020virtual.

Join us from anywhere in the world.

Your LNC business needs nourishing like plants in a garden. Continually learn new ideas, new approaches, and new methods to create the stimulus to change.

You can’t put new ideas into an old mindset. You can’t achieve new results with old behaviors. This is a hard reality of life.

Your comfort zone is a danger zone which constrains you from taking risks. Sometimes you need to take risks that feel uncomfortable, knowing you might fail. But more importantly, you will win some of the time.

Master these keys to success and you will shine.

  • Continually Learn
  • Add new services
  • Add new clients.
  • and more!

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Your Presenter

Pat founded, grew and also sold a successful LNC business that had annual sales in the 7 figures. She is also a well known, respected expert in the field of legal nurse consulting. She has written, and also edited, or coauthored over 800 chapters, books, case studies, also online courses or articles about the topic of legal nurse consulting. Pat served on the board of directors of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants for 5 years including a year as president of the association.

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