359 How Shyness Can Affect Video Marketing

There are ways that shyness can get in the way of video marketing. This isn’t to focus on the negative aspects of shyness, but just to explain that being shy does have behavior that you have to be aware of so that you can mitigate them and work around them when needed. Thankfully, today there is a lot of technology to help.

I confess, I am a shy person and I push myself to create videos because I know they are effective.

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Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points

  • Needing Other People’s Approval
  • Physical Symptoms of Shyness
  • Not Understanding Your Value
  • Steps to Become a Confident Video Marketer
  • Know Your Goal

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Today’s competitive environment demands that LNCs who want to succeed as an independent consultant have a business coach.

Making mistakes is expensive. Consider the costs of:

• charging fees that the market will not bear,
• missing deadlines,
• turning in inferior work product,
• not being responsive to an attorney’s request,
• not knowing how to attract the attention of attorneys, or
• not using sound business practices to manage cash flow.

A business coach understands your goals, dreams and strengths. A coach is part advisor, part cheerleader, and part manager. A coach helps you set goals and achieve them. A coach provides advice, support, focus and guidance.

These are some of the benefits of working with a coach:

• Identify prospects and referral sources.
• Get an objective perspective on your marketing methods and materials.
• Set measurable goals and learn specific strategies to achieve them.
• Make a commitment to specific activities and be held accountable to achieve them.
• Move your marketing activities to a higher level by embracing new tools and techniques, such as video marketing.
• Practice your marketing activities in a safe environment before implementing them.
• An experienced coach works in your niche and understands how to market to attorneys.
• Avoid making expensive mistakes in marketing and business management.

A coach is like a business partner, without the entanglements, who gives you insight, direction, and a new perspective.

I coach LNCs through LNCAcademy.com. Want to talk to me for free? Set up a call with me, Pat Iyer, at http://LNC.tips/gethelp

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Pat Iyer has been a legal nurse consultant since 1987.  She also built a successful LNC business that included testifying as an expert fact witness for 25 years. Pat has written or edited 48 of her own books.

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