LNP 51 Top Tips for Using Social Media

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Stripped apart, the term “social media” has two different pieces you’ll need to understand: the social aspect, and the media aspect. Most people know that the term social refers to interaction with others, including developing relationships and cultivating new connections. The term media, in this instance, refers to the way social information is exchanged.

Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points

  • Who can use social media?
  • How can social media benefit your business?
  • Why social media marketing isn’t a direct sales marketing technique
  • How to develop on-point advertising without expecting a direct sale
  • Why you should assume everything you write online will become public, potentially in an embarrassing way
  • What to post and what not to post on social media

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What We Cover

Chapter 1: Introduction to Social Media
Chapter 2: Relationship Marketing
Chapter 3: Facebook
Chapter 4: Marketing with Twitter
Chapter 5: LinkedIn
Chapter 6: Websites and Blogs
Chapter 7: Branding
Chapter 8: Video Marketing for Legal Professionals

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Your Presenter

PATRICIA W. IYER, MSN RN LNCC claimed her social media profiles early on. She is an active Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter user.

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