LNP 27 Attorney and LNC Conflicts – When the Attorney is Angry

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How you handle an angry client will determine if he stays your client, leaves your business or tells his colleagues not to do business with you. Attorney and LNC conflicts can plague even the most established LNC businesses.

The phone rings. You can almost see the steam coming out of the attorney’s ears as he emphatically tells you how upset he is with you. Why?

  • One of the experts you supplied did not meet the attorney’s expectations.
  • Your report was late.
  • The attorney was dismayed by the size of your invoice.

Attorney and LNC conflicts may arise because of miscommunications and misunderstandings.
Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points in this week’s Iyer’s Insights:

  • How to acknowledge the angry client’s concerns and let him express his anger.
  • How to shift the emphasis away from the attorney being the problem, or you being the problem. The situation is the problem; solving it is a shared challenge.
  • What to do when the expert is the cause of the anger
  • What to do when the lateness of a report has set the attorney off
  • What to do when the invoice has upset the attorney
  • How to recognize and drop a low profit attorney client
  • How to define a rush fee and stick to it. Say “no” to impossible demands
  • How to skillfully handle attorney and LNC conflicts

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Pat Iyer has dealt with angry clients over the years. We’re often caught off guard when the attorney calls with a complaint, so being able to draw on the skill of listening and knowing how to react is essential. Pat is experienced in managing attorney and LNC conflicts.

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