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Pat Iyer

In this podcast episode, Pat shares how to build your LNC writing skills and succeed. She is a proficient and prolific writer, having written 68 books, with several more on the way. Although she always paid close attention to her own writing skills, it took an angry phone call from a client about an expert witness report by one of her subcontractors to make her realize that accuracy was key to her success.

And it’s key to your own success. Whether you write a report, a blog post, newsletter, or promotional letter, your writing skills need to be the best they can be. They say who you are. They speak to your expertise on all levels. They establish you as a professional.

Pat has noticed as a writing coach to LNCs that a big issue that stops them is lack of self-confidence. One way to overcome this is to realize that it isn’t difficult to learn certain basic principles of writing: simplicity, brevity, and accuracy. These qualities alone will raise your writing to a higher-than-average level, and that will give you greater self-confidence.

This episode will provide a valuable outline to help you develop your writing skills. You’ll  want to save it for regular review.

Here’s What to Expect from the Podcast: Build Your LNC Writing Skills: How to Succeed

  • How important are writing skills to an LNC?
  • How can correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling affect an attorney’s opinion of your skills?
  • What are some of the promotional writing methods an LNC uses?
  • Why is improving your self-confidence as a writer so important?
  • What does Warren Buffett say about writing skills?


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Your Presenter of Build Your LNC Writing Skills: How to Succeed – Pat Iyer

Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC established a highly successful independent LNC business in 1989. She grew Med League to become a multimillion-dollar business which provided expert witnesses and did behind the scenes consulting. She trained hundreds of expert witnesses and supervised a staff of employees and subcontractors. After selling Med League in 2015, she returned to legal nurse consulting after a 6-year hiatus and currently serves a small group of attorneys.

Connect with Pat Iyer by email patiyer@legalnusebusiness.com

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