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Pat Iyer

In this podcast, Pat Iyer joins Jim Masters, host of Close Up Radio Live on the Empowered Women show. Pat shares her experience with decades of working as a legal nurse consultant, a business owner, writer of nursing-related books, coach, and teacher.

When she was considering a career, few options were open to women. Because she wanted to help people, she chose nursing. She had another dream, though, nurtured by a high school English teacher, who encouraged her to write. In 1985, she co-wrote a book about nursing with colleagues, and the publication of that book in 1986 enabled her to approach attorneys as an expert witness with solid evidence of her expertise.

She quickly gravitated to having her own business because she loves the independence and the ability to make change without having to go through committees. She warns people, though, that it’s essential to get some training in entrepreneurial skills, something no one teaches in nursing school.

When Summer worked as an emergency department nurse, she found that she always wondered what happened to the patients when they were no longer in her care. She feels that one of the principal satisfactions of working as an LNC is getting to play a role in what happens.

She explains that one of the primary attributes needed by an LNC is the ability to always be learning, growing and networking.

Pat says that while the freedom of having her own career and business is very appealing, she is also drawn to the satisfaction of having gotten involved in cases whose outcomes changed how nurses do their jobs. An example is a man who complained of leg pain. The nurse dismissed him and the resident charged him without seeing him. The patient went home, where he died of a blood clot six hours later. As a result, discharge procedures were changed.

Pat is active as a multi-published author, trusted coach, and successful teacher. If you are interested in developing an LNC career, she would love to hear from you.

Here’s What to Expect from the Podcast: Behind the Scenes and On the Stand: LNCs – Pat Iyer

  • What does a legal nurse consultant do?
  • How do they get training?
  • What special qualities do they need to succeed in this field?
  • Why should they consider having their own businesses?
  • How can they learn appropriate business skills?


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Your Presenter of Behind the Scenes and On the Stand: LNCs – Pat Iyer

Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC established a highly successful independent LNC business in 1989. She grew Med League to become a multimillion-dollar business which provided expert witnesses and did behind the scenes consulting. She trained hundreds of expert witnesses and supervised a staff of employees and subcontractors. After selling Med League in 2015, she returned to legal nurse consulting after a 6-year hiatus and currently serves a small group of attorneys.

Connect with Pat Iyer by email patiyer@legalnusebusiness.com

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