596 The Trials and Tribulations of a Travel Nurse – Cameron Totman


Travel nursing is a unique career which involves on average a 13-week assignment. Cameron Totman, a veteran in this field, shares his experiences in this show.

Although a nurse generally completes an assignment and moves on, sometimes they like either the hospital or the geographical environment and wants to stay there. This can provide new opportunities for employment and growth.

Because travel nurses must have at least two years’ experience in nursing, they receive brief training at the particular hospital. Cameron emphasizes that this can be very challenging. You can be floated from floor to floor and have to learn the unique conditions of each. You also  must get up to speed quickly about the particular needs of individual patients. In addition, you may be overworked. This rapid need to transition can, unfortunately, provide the potential for medical errors.

Cameron provides a fascinating overview of how travel nursing has changed from the pre-Covid and Covid environments to conditions during the post-Covid world.

If the idea of being a travel nurse appeals to you, be sure to check out this information-filled podcast.

Here’s What to Expect from the Podcast: The Trials and Tribulations of a Travel Nurse – Cameron Totman

  • What  is a travel nurse?
  • What are the advantages to a hospital of hiring a travel nurse?
  • How do travel nurses get paid?
  • What have been the differences in the pre-Covid, Covid, and post-Covid eras for travel nurses?
  • What particular challenges for a travel nurse could lead to medical errors?


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Your Presenter of The Trials and Tribulations of a Travel Nurse – Cameron Totman

Cameron Totman began his nursing career as a medical-surgical nurse on a neuroscience floor in 2016 and then advanced his career to travel nursing in 2018. He worked in four states including FL, NY, MA and Oregon. His experience has included the opportunity to learn in several different environments and the ability to adapt to various electronic medical record systems. Within these past two years he served two semesters as an adjunct clinical instructor at a state college. One of his favorite experiences was a study abroad segment of a multicultural nursing course in London, England while he was a nursing student.

Connect with Cameron Totman by email cam.totman@1906lncgroup.com

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