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Pat Iyer

Nurse Charles Cullen killed hundreds of patients over a 16-year period in hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania until he was apprehended in 2003. In this show, I share with you how he was able to escape detection, move from hospital to hospital, and continue to kill unimpeded for 16 years.

This is a personal story for me. I was involved as a legal nurse consultant helping one of the prosecutors. I looked at the time sheets and medical records that contained Charles’ name, and I read the reports created by the people who became suspicious of Charles.

Also, Charles practiced in my state, in my county, and I could have ended up with a family member in one of the ICUs in which he worked.

If you are curious about how this healthcare serial killer was able to get away with murder, you’ll want to watch this podcast. At the end of the show, you’ll also meet two other healthcare killers who practiced their skills in more recent times

It is ideal if you first listen to Dr. Pamela Tabor’s podcast, 593, to understand the killer’s profile, and then listen to or watch this podcast to determine how Charles fits the profile.

This is both an audio program and a video program. The video is found on our YouTube channel, which Is Legal Nurse Business.

Here’s What to Expect from the Podcast: Charles Cullen’s Murderous Career – Pat Iyer

  • In-depth look at how to help prosecutors in identifying victims.
  • Challenges faced during the investigation process.
  • Factors behind Charles Cullen’s actions.
  • Discover two other healthcare killers who operated in more recent times.


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Your Presenter of Charles Cullen’s Murderous Career

Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC established a highly successful independent LNC business in 1989. She grew Med League to become a multimillion-dollar business which provided expert witnesses and did behind the scenes consulting. She trained hundreds of expert witnesses and supervised a staff of employees and subcontractors. After selling Med League in 2015, she returned to legal nurse consulting after a 6-year hiatus and currently serves a small group of attorneys.

Connect with Pat Iyer by email patiyer@legalnusebusiness.com

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