593 Healthcare Serial Killers: The Chilling World of Their Psychopathology – Pamela Tabor

Murder mystery fans, take note. Pamela Tabor, a nursing Ph.D. who specializes in forensics, will take us deep into the world of healthcare serial killers: the chilling world of their psychopathology.

You’ve heard about them, the serial killers who operate in a world they know well. They have a wide range of tools at their disposal, and some of their methods are truly ingenious. Their reasons for killing are equally wide-ranging. Some want to dispose of patients who take up too much time, including those with dementia. Others literally view themselves as angels of death.

They are generally sociopaths, meaning they have no remorse. They can come up with any number of justifications for what they don’t consider crimes. And they can be highly intelligent, with a gift for concealing their murders.

Pamela offers a number of situations that might make a clinical nurse suspicious of a co-worker. These alone make this podcast worth saving.

She also goes into the possibilities for an LNC to get into this forensic field of investigation. She believes that a legal nurse consultant’s ability to sift finely through  hospital records makes them particularly suited for this kind of work, especially when they work with a multidisciplinary team.

You may have discovered a new career. At the very least, you will find yourself fascinated by the twisting thought patterns of the sociopathic mind.

Here’s What to Expect from the Podcast: Healthcare Serial Killers: The Chilling World of Their Psychopathology

  • What is a healthcare serial killer?
  • How do healthcare serial killers rate in order of frequency of killing?
  • What are some of the killing methods?
  • How might you become suspicious about a co-worker?
  • How can a legal nurse consultant assist in a healthcare serial killer case?


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Your Presenter of Healthcare Serial Killers: The Chilling World of Their Psychopathology – Pamela Tabor

Pamela Tabor DNP, AFN-BC, AFN-DF, IAFN-DF has practiced in forensics since 1997 and holds a DNP, with a forensic focus. She is a Board-Certified Advance Forensic Nurse and has an Advance Health Specialty Forensic Science Certification, in addition to being a Certified Law Enforcement Standards and Training Instructor. She has earned the Academy of Forensic Nurses Distinguished Fellow in 2022 and the International Association of Forensic Nurses Distinguished Fellow in 2015.

Dr. Tabor’s work includes serving as a consultant and expert witness in the private sector and she serves the Department of Defense in military trials.  She has testified before the legislature on numerous occasions and has consulted at the Pentagon.

Connect with Pamela Tabor by email PDTabor@outlook.com

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