582 Flaws in an Expert Witness’s Background – Arlene Klepatsky

Whether you are an expert witness or you supply expert witness’s for legal cases, you want to know how attorneys and LNCs vet potential witnesses. In this podcast, Arlene Klepatsky provides detailed information on this important subject

The first thing a researcher investigates is legal issues. Has a practitioner been sued or also brought up on legal charges? Whether or not the issue relates to the expert’s testimony in a case, a jury can be swayed by evidence of wrongdoing.

An investigator will also research a witness’s writings. If they publish an article or also a blog in which they express an opinion contrary to what they expressed in a current case, this can be brought up in cross-examination to the detriment of their testimony.

Other issues are important. A researcher may discover that the expert witness is difficult to work with or unreliable. This can be grounds for disqualification.

Arlene cites several resources available online where you can find valuable information. Some are not accessible to LNCs, but they can inform the attorney in charge of a case of their existence so that the information can be extracted.

Your best protection if you’re an expert witness is to make sure that you do your own vetting of what you write or say publicly. Too much time and money are involved in a legal case for either side to overlook any opportunity to have an advantage. Study this podcast and be forewarned and forearmed.

Learn More About Flaws in an Expert Witness’s Background – Arlene Klepatsky

  • What value does an expert witness contribute to a legal case?
  • Why is meticulous vetting of experts on both sides so important?
  • What resources do you consult in vetting experts?
  • What do you look for in addition to legal issues?
  • What is the quality and inclusiveness of a cv so important to an expert witness?

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Your Presenter of Flaws in an Expert Witness’s Background – Arlene Klepatsky

Arlene Klepatsky MSN RN Esq, is an attorney at law in California and is also experienced in vetting expert witnesses. She co-developed an ABA-approved, university-based LNC program and taught in it for nearly 10 years. She contributed 2 chapters to Legal Nurse Consulting, Principles and Practices, Second Edition, edited by Pat Iyer. Arlene also wrote multiple journal articles.

Connect with Arlene at rnjdadk@hotmail.com

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