581 AI for legal nurse consultants Pat Iyer with Kris Mew

What is AI all about? Is it ethical to use? Can it be helpful to LNCs? In this podcast, Pat Iyer, founder and moderator of Legal Nurse Podcast, plays a different role as an interviewee. She takes this opportunity to describe her opinions of AI and how she has learned to use it as a tool. She also makes recommendations to LNCs for using it.

AI is undeniably having a serious effect on many areas of employment, and many questions are being raised about its ethicality and in some cases legality. Bestselling authors Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, and others have had their work fed into AI machines which have made derivative versions. Lawsuits are ongoing.

In addition to these considerations, Pat questions the use of “avatars,” computerized replicas of an individual’s appearance and speech. Pat feels this isn’t real human contact and argues against its use.

However, she says AI is helpful for research and some aspects of writing. She cautions, though, that it’s necessary to delete AI language and to make the writing your own.

Pat will be speaking at the LNC Success Conference, March 14, 15,16, 2024, on AI and other subjects. She invites you to this information-filled event.

Learn More About AI for legal nurse consultants Pat Iyer and Kris Mew

  • How is AI affecting the work world?
  • What are some illegal and unethical uses of AI?
  • How can you tell that text is AI-generated?
  • Is using avatars a good idea?
  • How can you constructively and ethically use AI?

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Your Presenter of AI for legal nurse consultants Pat Iyer and Kris Mew

Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC began using AI tools in her LNC business in 2023 and will share what she’s learned from this process. She is a prolific author and educator.

Kris has over 24 years of experience as an RN in multiple specialties. She currently works on-call as a plastic surgery nurse. With experience working for both defense attorneys on med-mal, personal injury and product liability cases, she has recently helped plaintiff attorneys as an expert fact witness and personal injury cases.

Kris is a member of LNC Elite, Pat Iyer’s coaching program.

Connect with Pat at patiyer@legalnursebusiness.com

Connect with Kris at mew.kristina@gmail.com

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