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Medical Malpractice
Medical Malpractice

As a legal nurse consultant, you are sure to come across cardiac medical malpractice suits involving heart disease. This podcast features Erin Getz, a nurse practitioner and also an expert on this subject. She unravels some of the complex issues involved in various heart conditions.

Of primary concern is management of medications. This can be very challenging to older patients, many of whom may already be juggling a number of medications. Thorough education is needed to help the individual and also re-test and also follow-up. If the kind of education and also follow-up care isn’t documented, this can be an area of legal dispute.

People can be discharged too soon from the hospital or other facility. When this happens and they are re-admitted, Medicare may get involved. Misdiagnosis is also another source of legal dispute. Particularly with younger people, presenting symptoms may be treated as panic attacks, asthma, and other non-cardiac conditions.

Erin emphasizes that misdiagnoses particularly occur in the case of women, who don’t always exhibit the standard symptoms of, for example, a heart attack.

This informative podcast provides an inside and also a detailed description of key points you should look for when you analyze a cardiac-related case. Be sure to add it to your collection of resources. Watch this podcast on Legal Nurse Business YouTube channel to learn the answers to these points:

Join me in this episode of Legal Nurse Podcast to learn about Cardiac Medical Malpractice Issues – Erin Getz

  • What are some of the issues involved with heart failure?
  • Why is education so important for heart failure patients?
  • What are some of the liabilities connected to heart conditions?
  • How does the lack of critical thinking create liability?
  • What are helpful defenses against malpractice?

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Your Presenter of Cardiac Medical Malpractice Issues – Erin Getz

Erin Getz is a cardiac care nurse practitioner. She is also in addition, a legal nurse consultant who provides support to people who are investigating a variety of cases, and her specialty is working with patients with cardiomyopathy, and also with arrhythmias in her day-to-day job. She is managing these patients in the clinic.

Connect with Erin by email, eringetz@ymail.com

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