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Welcome to the world of the EMT, a world that in its own way reproduces the complex conditions of an ER—but without the safety net of a large institution. Valerie Creel, a registered nurse and LNC, who also worked for several years as an EMT, shares with you what goes on in an ambulance, both from the perspective of a team member and also the possible malpractice errors that can occur with ambulance transport risks.

Although EMTs receive extensive training, Valerie says that only field experience can teach a person what needs to be done. One potential liability incident occurs when someone, having called 911, refuses to get into the ambulance. He may later change his mind and try to sue.

Ambulances may get into collisions with other vehicles, another fraught situation. In addition, if all pieces of equipment aren’t well secured, other risks occur.

LNCs need to be aware that their attorney clients may not provide EMT or ambulance records or that sometimes more than one ambulance becomes involved. Whether the patient is delivered to a hospital that can meet his or her needs may be a liability issue.

You will probably get involved in an ambulance-related lawsuit at some point in your LNC career. Valerie’s detailed description of what goes on in the world of the EMT provides invaluable information.

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  • What kind of training does an EMT get?
  • What levels of service are provided in different ambulances?
  • What kind of hazards are involved in an ambulance ride?
  • What medical liability situations do EMTs face?
  • How do EMTs decide where to take a patient?

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Your Presenter of Ambulance Transport Risks – Valerie Creel

Valerie Creel is the owner of Bridge Point Legal Nurse Consulting. She has been an RN since 2013 and has extensive experience with Critical Care. She has been in the intensive care unit (ICU) for the entirety of her nursing career. Valerie has worked with Trauma, Neuro, and Medical ICU patients including providing care through the Covid-19 pandemic. As an ICU nurse, she trained new RNs into the specialty and also worked as a Rapid Response nurse to respond to emergencies and serve as a resource to nurses throughout the hospital.

In addition to her nursing experience, she worked as an EMT providing prehospital care in the 911 system of San Mateo County from 2007-2016. She had the opportunity to work with complex trauma and multi-casualty incidents including the Asiana Airline Crash at SFO in 2013. Valerie holds her board certification in Critical Care and earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Grand Canyon University with honors.

Valerie has been working in the legal nursing field since 2021 and has completed her coursework to specialize in strangulation, gunshot wound evaluation, and more. She is completing her master’s degree in Forensics at Cleveland University. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family, fitness, and being outdoors.

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