549 The Canadian View of Legal Nurse Consulting – Joan Davis

Legal Nurse Podcast, although based in the U.S., has an international audience, A highly experienced nurse, Joan Davis has worked in both Canada and the U.S. In this podcast she describes how malpractice suits work in Canada.

To put the Canadian legal environment in perspective, we need to realize that, although it’s a large country, the total population is only around 40 million.

In addition, it has national health insurance, which covers many, although far from all, medical expenses. The Canadian legal system sets limits on how many experts on a side can be involved in a case. A financial cap of $400,000 (Canadian dollars) exists for most settled cases.

The financial cap acts as a strong deterrent to attorneys taking on case. They are also far more reluctant than U.S. attorneys to take cases on a contingency basis. This is turn deters potential plaintiffs from engaging an attorney.

Despite these factors, Joan says Canadian LNCs can make opportunities for themselves. As is true in the U.S., they need to educate attorneys about the many services they can provide, for example doing chronologies, which in Canada are often the responsibility of paralegal.

Overall, the principle of upselling applies equally well north as south of the border.

While this podcast will be of particular value to you if you live in Canada, all LNCs can benefit from understanding how their profession operates in different countries. Be sure to listen to, watch, or read

Join me in this episode of The Canadian View of Legal Nurse Consulting – Joan Davis

  • Why are there far fewer medical malpractice suits in Canada?
  • How does national health insurance work in Canada?
  • What financial arrangements apply between the plaintiff and the representing attorney?
  • How does the Canadian financial awards system deter attorneys from taking malpractice cases?
  • What opportunities exist for Canadian LNCs to demonstrate how they can be of greater assistance to attorneys?

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Your Presenter of The Canadian View of Legal Nurse Consulting – Joan Davis

Lakeisha N. Falwell, is an accomplished and successful board-certified Nurse Practitioner, who currently works full time providing excellent care to Oncology patients in San Diego, CA. Lakeisha proudly holds several certifications, including AOCNP (Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner), recognizing her as a trusted expert in her field. Lakeisha is a passionate leader in healthcare and has a true commitment to excellence. Her medical expertise, critical thinking skills and professionalism help her to provide quality care to a medically complex patient population. Lakeisha owns her own legal nurse consulting business, Next Level Nurse Consulting, LLC, where she provides critical insight on medical-related cases to attorneys nationwide.

Connect with Joan www.linkedin.com/in/legal-nurse-consultant-joan-davis

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