548 Cancer Care Malpractice – Lakeisha Falwell

Probably nothing frightens someone more than having a diagnosis of cancer. What’s worse is having a misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis. Another primary concern is the loss of quality of life. Lakeisha Falwell, legal consultant, and a highly experienced nurse practitioner with a focus on oncology and cancer care malpractice, shares her expertise and her passion for helping cancer patients.

Lakeisha begins with an analysis of how cancer can be missed by a practitioner. They may focus on less threatening diagnoses, or they may, as Lakeisha puts it, fall in love with their first diagnosis and ignore other implications. Tragically, they may assume a person is too young to have cancer.

A practitioner may also fail to truly listen to what the patient is telling them. For Lakeisha, nothing is more important to her work than listening, whether the person is describing symptoms or explaining what is important to them in terms of quality of life.

Our guest also emphasizes that many serious conditions got overlooked in the Covid medical environment, which may present complex issues in terms of malpractice.

On a brighter note, Lakeisha states that for several kinds of cancer, early diagnosis prospects have greatly improved.

This podcast will not only help you understand the current state of oncology care but will give you an in-depth picture of what pain and suffering mean for an oncology patient. Be sure to listen to, watch or read this invaluable podcast.

Join me in this episode of Cancer Care Malpractice – Lakeisha Falwell

  • What factors can delay a cancer diagnosis?
  • How does a patient’s age play into a misdiagnosis?
  • How have Covid and post-Covid conditions impacted follow-up care?
  • In a post-Covid environment, what will be the legal status of delayed or misdiagnosed conditions?
  • How has quality of life become a dominant value in cancer care?

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Your Presenter of Cancer Care Malpractice – Lakeisha Falwell

Lakeisha N. Falwell, is an accomplished and successful board-certified Nurse Practitioner, who currently works full time providing excellent care to Oncology patients in San Diego, CA. Lakeisha proudly holds several certifications, including AOCNP (Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner), recognizing her as a trusted expert in her field. Lakeisha is a passionate leader in healthcare and has a true commitment to excellence. Her medical expertise, critical thinking skills and professionalism help her to provide quality care to a medically complex patient population. Lakeisha owns her own legal nurse consulting business, Next Level Nurse Consulting, LLC, where she provides critical insight on medical-related cases to attorneys nationwide.

Connect with Lakeisha www.nextlevelnurseconsulting.com

or on social media

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lakeishafalwell
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nextlevelnurseconsulting/

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