521 Covid ICU and the LNC – Beckah Swan

Beckah Swan’s first-hand account of working as a critical care Covid ICU nurse during the height of the COVID crisis will give you a stark and dramatic portrait of the challenges and dangers nurses faced during this time. You will also get some invaluable information about causes of the medical errors that occurred.

After working in an LNC firm and gaining valuable training in that role, Beckah returned to the critical care environment in Nov 2020 and worked as a critical nurse until April 2022. She vividly describes the experience of wearing heavy and restrictive protective gear, a condition that made it difficult to achieve patient-nurse rapport.

As a traveling nurse, Beckah worked in many hospitals, all of them plagued by the lack of sufficiently trained critical-care nurses. For example, she describes situations where she had as many as four critically ill patients who should have benefited from a one-to-one treatment relationship. Neonatal and other nurses trained in specialties other than critical care were assigned to assist her, but they couldn’t perform many necessary medical functions.

The shortages of both personnel and equipment led to many situations where medical errors occurred. On an even more sobering note, Beckah adds that many nurses who worked under those conditions may be filing their own suits against the hospitals that failed to support and protect them in these dangerous conditions.

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  • How did COVID impact the ICU environment?
  • What is it like to practice nursing in constant crisis mode?
  • How does the perpetual crisis mode impact patient safety?
  • What are some specific medical errors that could occur in this environment?
  • Why will some cases be difficult to prosecute?

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Your Presenter of Covid ICU and the LNC – Beckah Swan

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