519 Get inside the mind of a nurse attorney – Joe Flores

Joe Flores’ podcasts are among the most popular on this show. He brings to the conversation his experiences as a nurse, nurse practitioner, legal nurse consultant, and attorney. Through this multi-faceted lens, he makes connections that others can’t.

Joe provides some very specific guidance to nurse practitioners, recommending that they carry occurrence-based insurance. He also recommends that having an understanding of why NPs get sued can help them to avoid this happening.

As both an LNC and an attorney, Joe knows how lawyers think. LNCs should emphasize both that they can greatly facilitate an attorney’s ability to bring justice for his or her client, and that utilizing an LNC’s services can save both time and money. LNCs, because of their training in detailed analysis, can also uncover aspects of a case that an attorney won’t see.

He also shared his thoughts about the current state of nursing, pointing out that many people, especially people of color, who would like to enter the field of nursing, are unable to work their way through nursing school. Joe describes a nursing school in Texas which is addressing this issue by providing salaries for nursing students’ clinical work.

The final issue in the podcast addressed the great need for nursing instructors and educators. If you are an over-50 nurse, he hopes you will consider entering this field. You are greatly needed. Nurses, nurse practitioners, and LNCs know that the field of nursing is in crisis. We need to pay attention to visionaries like Joe Flores. You’ll want to listen to or read this podcast more than once.

Join me in this episode of Legal Nurse Podcast to learn about how to get inside the mind of a nurse attorney – Joe Flores

  • What important mistake do LNCs make in marketing?
  • What is true value in terms of marketing?
  • How can you show your potential clients that your value outweighs your price?
  • What is a market-dominating position?
  • LNCs may deliver the same services, but how do they deliver them?

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Your Presenter of Get inside the mind of a nurse attorney – Joe Flores

Joe Flores is both a practicing trial lawyer and FNP. Joe’s passion is to help educate nurses on any areas where where the law and medicine overlap.

Connect with Joe at Www.floreslawfirm.com

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