475 What is Enhanced Recovery After Surgery? – Michelle Gaines

This podcast may challenge everything you ever learned about pre- and post-surgical protocols. Michelle Gaines, a highly-experienced nurse anesthesiologist, explains the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocols (hence to be called ERAS).

The new protocols allow people with eligible medical conditions to have clear liquids up to two  hours prior to surgery. Many orthopedic patients have major surgery and go home that day.

Much of this is made possible by pre-surgery education: education about pain control, preparation for post-surgical exercises. In the post-surgery environment, they work closely with home care nurses and physical therapists. Most important, they get reinforcement for the idea that they can take charge of their care.

This podcast also will help you interpret anesthesia records. As with all medical records, some are recorded on paper, some electronically. Michelle also interprets the mysterious  markings that may be part of anesthesia records.

She recommends that if records seem incomplete, you should ask for more information. She also advises that sometimes an electronic medical records specialist may be needed to consult.

As an LNC, you are certain to need an understanding of the ERAS, especially in cases that may involve deviation from the standard of care. You also need a basic understanding of anesthesia records. This podcast provides a detailed introduction to both of these subjects. Be sure to check it out.

Join me in this episode of Legal Nurse Podcast to learn about What is Enhanced Recovery After Surgery?

• What kind of medical conditions are eligible for ERAS?

• How does ERAS shorten hospital stays?

• In what ways do orthopedic patients in particular benefit from ERAS?

• How can an LNC interpret anesthesiology charting?

• When does an LNC need to ask for more information?

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Your Presenter

Michelle Gaines, owner of Gaines Medical Consulting , provides expert consultation in reviewing medical records and testifying expert services in anesthesia related cases. She is a practicing certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA)> She started her career as an ICU nurse in a thirty-two bed medical/surgical ICU. Within two years of beginning her career she obtained her certification in critical care nursing (CCRN) and had preceptor and charge nurse duties. She attended graduate school at the University of Kansas where she obtained her Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia. She presented her thesis, Narcotic Sparing Effects of Ketorolac in Cesarean Patients, at the annual national meeting of the AANA that year.

Michelle started her career with an anesthesia group in central Texas. At that time she also taught paramedics at the associate degree level at Blinn College in Bryan, Texas . She also taught Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) to healthcare practitioners.

During her twenty-six years in nurse anesthesia Michelle has worked in many different care settings including: tertiary care hospital, rural hospital, rural surgery center, suburban surgery center, suburban hospital and doctor office suites. Michelle’s provider history includes delivering anesthesia for open heart surgery, trauma, neurology, labor and delivery, orthopedics, general surgery, sexual transition and well child surgery.

She has worked in team anesthesia care models and independently. Her practice also includes regional anesthetics. Michelle has served as chief nurse anesthetist. Currently she enjoys mentoring new hires. When not in the operating room or at her desk reviewing cases you can find her and her two golden retrievers out on the local trails.

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