474 How to Defuse an Angry Attorney – Steve Catchick

You pick up the phone, and an angry attorney starts shouting about his bill or an expert witness report, or something else that has his blood boiling? How can you defuse him? How can you turn an “I lose you lose” situation into a mutual win?

This area is Steve Catchick’s specialty, and he joins us in a podcast that you’ll want to listen to and/or read more than once.

Steve uses an acronym, BREAD: Behavior, Rapport, Empathy, Assertiveness, and Detachment. He thoroughly describes each of these terms, with specific examples of how to achieve them.

The effective use of language plays a large part in Steve’s approach. He advises to never say, “I understand.” You may understand technical procedures, but because every person is unique, you can never thoroughly understand what they are feeling. Instead, say, “I appreciate” or a similar phrase. He spends considerable time on how to deal with different types: the aggressive, passive, passive aggressive, and assertive person. Each requires a different approach, with the passive aggressive person being the most difficult.

No one wants to deal with an angry person, but they inevitably enter our lives. Instead, you want to acquire the skills to make these encounters “I win, you win.”

• How can you establish rapport with an angry client?

• How do energy levels relate to rapport?

• What’s the difference between rapport and empathy?

• How does imagination relate to empathy?

• What’s the most effective way to deal with passive aggressive people?

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Your Presenter

Steve Catchick had a varied career, starting in the Army (REME) at the tender age of 16 as an electronics engineer. Since then, as a customer service engineer, an account manager and as a speaker, trainer and coach.

Whilst at IBM he delivered training to the sales team, designed and delivered a successful customer care programmed for the engineers., and help desks, and presentation skills training for managers and teams

He launched out on his own as a Speaker, Trainer and Coach, initially running a franchise providing business training and mentoring for business owners. He now speaks at events and conferences, deliver masterclasses and coach managers and teams on high impact communication, sales through service, and powerful persuasive presenting.

He is a member of The Professional Speaking Association, (past President for the Thames Valley Region in Reading 2016-2017), a Distinguished Toastmaster and past Division Governor for Toastmasters International, and oh yes, also a clinical hypno-therapist and NLP trainer.

Connect with Steve https://stevecatchick.com/

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