LNP 318 LinkedIn Ins and Outs Petra Fisher

Petra Fisher helps entrepreneurs around the globe find not just any old clients, but the most fun, brilliant, motivated clients. “Your LinkedIn presence can filter out the crap clients and attract the right clients,” she says.

Born for training and public speaking, Petra jumped at every chance to provide training. Starting when she was just 14 years old as a swim instructor, she’s been explaining things to people ever since. With her roots in social work and counselling, Petra made the conscious choice in 2003 to focus on training. From supervising student placements to teaching MS Office and Business Services to professionals in Australia, this decision has led to a breadth of diverse work experiences.

Listen in as Kelly Campbell and Petra Fisher chat about these points

  • How does my LinkedIn profile spark an interest in the first few seconds so people will keep reading?
  • How does my profile validate the expertise I offer?
  • I hear keywords are important, where should I use them?
  • Can I do advanced searches with a free account?
  • What is an acceptable manner on LinkedIn to reach out to potential prospects?

Related Product: LinkedIn Planner for LNCs

I know many legal nurse consultants are aware of the power of LinkedIn but are not always sure how to get the most from it. When attorneys check you out, are they excited by what they see? Are you taking advantage of the features that put you in the best light?

I put together a guide to help you harness LinkedIn’s power so that you can show up in a professional way, reach out to attorneys, and demonstrate your expertise.

My new LinkedIn Planner for LNCs is a packed guide that provides you with a 7-step process to start your LinkedIn Profile or get more out of your current profile and take advantage of LinkedIn’s opportunities for you to shine.

You’ll get step-by-step exercises after each step so you can immediately apply what you learned.

Your Presenter

I found my true love once I  discovered the unlimited options of LinkedIn. (Established in 2003). The more I understood the possibilities, the more I wanted to share this knowledge. That’s why I ventured off on my own to teach LinkedIn professionally in 2011. Since then, I’ve been meeting with professionals, executives and small business owners, breaking down LinkedIn and helping them use the platform to attract their ideal clients and reach their business goals.

The ‘LinkedIn Live’ seminar and ‘Profile Reboot’ programme are just two of the unique concepts I developed. Combining my knowledge of LinkedIn, my skills in training and experience as an expat, these services really hit home with an international audience.

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