LNP 278 How to Scale Up Your LNC Business Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohen is an attorney with expertise in both immigration and business law. She is involved with a company called “e-Council,” which is a company that focuses on providing concierge strategic full-service solutions for businesses who are seeking capital and foreign entrepreneurs who are seeking access to the United States market.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Lauren Cohen chat about these points

  • The concept of having Lauren as your VIP concierge
  • Why you need someone who’s making sure that everything is consistent and managed properly
  • What happens when you get so caught up in providing the services to clients that you are not minding your own store
  • Questions you might be asked when applying for funding
  • What solutions are there to having a business plan
  • Lauren encourages all of you to look at the chart she has included on the “7 Secrets.” You can find it at www.scaleupcheckup.net

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Your Presenter

In 2008, Lauren started e-Council Inc. an internationally-acclaimed company focused on providing concierge strategic full-service solutions for businesses seeking capital and foreign entrepreneurs seeking access to the U.S. market. 

Continuing in the tradition of sound strategic solutions, ScaleUPCheckUP is Lauren’s newest initiative – an online risk assessment checkup tool for growing businesses in ScaleUP mode with the overriding mission of anticipating challenges before they happen. Designed in response to the challenges faced by so many entrepreneurs that simply do not understand the critical importance of proper professional guidance, and/or are afraid that the costs of protection are too high, ScaleUPCheckUP is poised to revolutionize the professional services industry and the way in which collaborative professional services are delivered.

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