LNP 262 Elder Law and Estate Planning Christine Brown Murphy

Christine Brown Murphy is a Partner of Zacharia Brown Elder Law Firm. She provides advice and counsel to families in the areas of asset protection planning, Medicaid and Veterans’ benefit eligibility, estate planning and estate administration. Christine lectures on elder law topics to professionals and community groups. She can be heard on KDKA radio

Listen in as Kelly Campbell and Christine Brown Murphy chat about these points

  • The importance of “Power of Attorney”
  • The ways a will and a trust function differently
  • Why a lot of people are really surprised to learn that the will doesn’t actually control as much as they think it does 
  • Is long-term care insurance is a good idea
  • Why you should see an elder law attorney versus an estate attorney

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Your Presenter

Christine lectures on Elder Law topics to professionals and community groups and can be heard on KDKA Radio 1020 AM on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM and on 3WS Radio 94.5 FM on Sunday mornings at 7:30AM

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