LNP 260 Casting Aside the Couch Potato Lifestyle – Mike Schatzki

Mike Schatzki has been speaking to audiences worldwide for over 30 years.

He has a background in presenting both on negotiation techniques, as well as on health and fitness. He calls himself a recovering couch potato for the last 17 years.

Mike is also a Certified Speaking Professional, which is a distinction that involves an application process, checking with past clients, submitting videos of your performance. Very few people are qualified, and Mike is one of  11% of nearly 6,000 people worldwide who has a speaking professional certification as a Certified Speaking Professional or CSP.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Mike Schatzki chat about these points

  • How Mike got started on a healthier path and why he had a black belt in denial
  • How exercise is a pathway to fitness, but it’s not the only pathway
  • Some of the benefits associated with getting your energy up 
  • The study results where they compared 70-year-olds who had been active and following a fitness regimen with fit 20-year-olds
  • Does it matter how fast you go? Is there any way to get fit without exercise?

Related Product: The Mind Body Connection – Kay Rice 

As nurses we sometimes feel like we have an excellent grasp of what causes dis-ease, but there is a lot we don’t understand about how our bodies handle stress. Any small business owner is prone to stress.

I want to share details about something I think is important for every LNC to understand – how your mind and body interrelate to keep you healthy- or sick.


Kay Rice challenges assumptions about Western medicine and presents a different model of thinking: mind-body medicine. She asks us to think about medical care in a way that will help you realize

  • why “a pill for every ill” could harm you
    • how Western medicine and Ayuvedic medicine differ
    • the basis of mind-body medicine and how that can help you
    • how you can help your body fight disease
    • the impact of stress on the body
    • how you can harness your body’s intelligence to create better balance in your life

Order the Mind Body Connection, our one-hour online training, at http://LNC.tips/mindbody 


Your Presenter

Mike Schatzki received his B.A., Magna Cum Laude, from Haverford College, and his M.P.A. from the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University.

Mike’s Recovering Couch Potato Program is at www.recoveringcouchpotato.org and it is all available in the Creative Commons to use for free.

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