LNP 134 Who is Changing the Meaning of Your Words? Dana Pope

Dana Pope is a professional speaker, a published writer and a published song writer. She is a philologist as defined as a love of words or a desire to know the origin and construction of language and the meaning of your words.

Dana and I were probably in the same group growing up, which was the language patrol group that involved immediate feedback. If I misused a word, my family and particularly my parents straightened me out quickly. Dana (for the desire to learn) has studied the dictionary and the World Book Encyclopedia when she was a teenager.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Dana Pope chat about these points

  • How miscommunication is the number one reason why medical errors occur
  • How meaning of your words change
  • What “relativism”, means and how it would apply to the legal world
  • What influences the decisions of the rulings of judges
  • Half-truths, manipulation and relativism and how lawyers use them
  • What does egregious mean

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Your Presenter

Dana Pope is a professional speaker along with being a published writer and published songwriter. Dana read the dictionary and The World Book Encyclopedia when she was a teenager. Her attitude is “There’s always something to learn.”

Dana Pope is a creator of business systems for start-up companies and companies that need a turn around. This is accomplished by working with businesses on their distribution process, financial planning, trend analysis, inventory flow, along with management and employee practices, to improve gross margin. She attributes network marketing as providing the knowledge needed for success


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